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Boss GX-700 + Boss Fc-50, Roland EV5

Inlagd:2010-01-19 av Michiel Neuman Plats: Västra Götaland/Göteborg
Kategori: Effektboxar & lådor säljes Pris: 2000
Antal visningar: 3130 Telefon: 0768138092

Boss GX-700 + Boss Fc-50, Roland EV5 stor bildBoss GX-700 + Boss Fc-50, Roland EV5 liten bild
Boss GX-700 + Boss Fc-50, Roland EV5 liten bild
Boss GX-700 + Boss Fc-50, Roland EV5 liten bild


I'm selling my Boss GX-700 multi effects processor. It's a great effects processor with all the posibillities in the world. Together with the Boss FC-50 midi footcontroler and volume pedal (EV5) it's easy to use and it just can't break down.

The effects processor will fit into any 19" rack, but i sell it with a hard case.

Here some more info:
GX-700 Studio Effects Processor

Released 1996, the GX-700 took over as the new rack mount guitar multi efects processor. It builds on the earlier GL-100 Guitar Driver and also borrows much of its functionality from the Roland GP-100. It features analog overdrive/distortion, a number of digital effects and a COSM amp modeller. The amp modeller contains 7 models ranging from the Roland JC-120 to the Peavey 5150 higain amp and there are 9 different speaker simulations to choose from.

The following effects are included in the GX-700: Overdrive/Distortion, Wah, 3 Band Equalizer, Noise Suppressor, Modulation (Flanger, Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Harmonist, Vibrato, Ring Modulator, Humanizer), Delay, Chorus, Tremolo/Pan and Reverb. Only one modulation effect can be used at the same time so the Flanger and Vibrato can not be used simultaneously. There is mono or stereo outputs.

The GX-700 has 100 factory presets and another 100 memory locations for storing user patches. The patches can be chosen from the front panel or through a MIDI foot pedal like the FC-200. The FC-200 can be used in either manual mode for switching effects on or off or in editing mode for creating new sounds.

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