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Looking for a pianist

Inlagd: 2020-08-02 av Shahriar Shakil Plats: Skåne/Lund
Kategori: Keyboardist  sökes Genre: Jazz
Antal visningar: 573 Telefon: 0702482824

Do you play Jazz /Funk/neo-soul genre-based melodies/rhythms? Interested to join creative and committed/serious band?
We are two passionate musicians, one lead guitar and another vocal/rhythm guitar, been working on our own tunes since a year. Recently a bass player joined us. We mainly work on our own tunes but we are also open to cover songs. We have also had drummer/bassist/pianist before but due to tight work schedules and travelling our drummer/pianist dropped out. We have a rehearsal space in Lund and we rehearse once a week. In close future, we are looking at recording our tunes and performing live gigs as soon as we feel ready. The tunes we have created so far are mainly influenced by Jazz/Soul Blues/Neo-Soul/Funk/ethnic genres. To name some musicians/bands who inspired us are Vulfpeak, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Yussef Dayes, Tom Mish, Ottis Redding, l'indécis.
Sounds interesting? Write an email and tell us about you, your musical background and your vision in music a bit at sarker.m.s.shakil@gmail.com

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