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Dislocated NEEDS a bassplayer!

Inlagd: 2013-07-31 av Dislocated Plats: Västra Götaland/Göteborg
Kategori: Basist  sökes Genre: Metal
Antal visningar: 685 Telefon: 0762773362

Dislocated is still searching for a permanent member to our crew, we NEED a thundermaker, or as ya'll call it; bass playa/fingerfucker/assslapper/whatever. Do you feel like this is your call? Do you wanna be a part of the mayhem, the dysfunctional family? Or do YOU, yeah I mean YOU! Know ANYONE that plays this thing called a bass, that's fucked up enough to withstand us for atleast 2 nights a week, and have the courage to share a stage with us? Be the better man and raise your hand, join the chaos, we NEED YOU! Contact on my private Facebook ''Viktor Vinnie Lindberg'' , call my cell 0762773362, apply on our official https://www.facebook.com/OfficialDislocated or reach out to any other member of the band; Jesper Sirenius, Patrik William Andersson or Kalle Ask, for additional information! Have an awesome evening, I'm gonna go jumpstart my heart, peace <3

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