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Mixing Engineer for Indie Tracks

Inlagd: 2020-03-24 av Edwin Plats: Stockholm/Stockholm
Kategori: Pop & rock Pris: 0
Hemsida: http://widenexperimental.wordpress.com/ Antal visningar: 109
Telefon: 0728570587

Mixing Engineer for Indie Tracks stor bildMixing Engineer for Indie Tracks liten bild

Hey guys,

I'm looking to Mix other people's music in a kind of Psychedelic - Soft Rock kind of vibe if possible, as it's the vibe I'm digging the most right now.

I'm willing to offer a Mix for free at the moment as I want to practice mixing others right now.

The condition is only that I have to feel a potential in your music.

A bit more about me:

I'm Edwin, making musing for my solo project called Widen:


Heavily inspired by band such as The Growlers, Tame Impala, Mac deMarco or Mild High Club to say a few.

Looking forward to hear from you guys.


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