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Album ready! looking for musicians!

Inlagd: 2019-05-17 av Jordy Plats: Västra Götaland/Göteborg
Kategori: Gitarrist  finnes Genre: Rock
Antal visningar: 329 Telefon: +34633128777

Album ready! looking for musicians! stor bildAlbum ready! looking for musicians! - liten bild
Album ready! looking for musicians! - liten bild

Hi! I'm looking for a drummer, a bass player and a guitar player that want to dedicate their lives to music. I have 11 songs recorded and almost ready to be released. This songs sound like a mixture between Queens of the stone age with a bit of A Perfect Circle, Marilyn Manson, Thrice and some wierd measures (maybe a little bit like Mars Volta).

Hit me up on instagram, facebook or whatever you prefer so you can hear some of the songs for yourself, I'll leave my contact info down below.

***Please! Only experienced/light hearted/professional musicians that kind of already know all the sacrifices necessary to make it in this hardass industry***

instagram @jordycarbonell
facebook Jordy Carbonell
cel +34 633 128 777

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