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Pop, Rock, Soul?

Inlagd: 2018-12-04 av Arturs Plats: Stockholm/Stockholm
Kategori: Sångare  finnes Genre: Cover
Antal visningar: 738 Telefon: +37127866002

Pop, Rock, Soul?  stor bildPop, Rock, Soul?  - liten bild

Hi everyone. I've been gifted with a beautiful, deep voice and have always had a dream to sing, instead of working 9-5 jobs, and currently I am free from my work for construction company, at least up till February, but I would love it to be permanently, as I would much rather prefer singing on stages around Stockholm, then dealing with concrete bags. My hobby is karaoke, so I have tried all kinds of music. I'm flexible, but until I grow confidence, I'd prefer to sing slow music... Currently my favorite I'm working on, perfecting are Rihanna - Love On The Brain, Sam Smith - Too Good At Goodbyes, Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under The Bridge and Bruce Springsteen - Secret Garden. Have been also singing a lot Elvis, Prince, David Bowie and a song or two from many other artists. I don't have experience in singing in a band, as I have failed to assemble one, therefor, maybe I could join one ready? Please let me know, if you're interested. I speak fluent English, Russian and my native is Latvian. In Swedish I can say a lot, but I understand very little...

Good luck to everyone with your music and lots of Love!


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