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Female Singer available

Inlagd: 2018-09-12 av Jette Plats: Skåne/Hässleholm
Kategori: Sångare  finnes Genre: Pop
Antal visningar: 899 Telefon:

Hello, everyone.

I am a 22 year-old singer who is trained in Pop,Rock, Jazz and Musical. I moved to Sweden from Germany about 2 years ago and thought about beginning with music again. I have experience in performing in front of crowds.

I would be looking for someone or some people to make and possibly record music with. Maybe I will even find future band mates (age 20-30) here? So, if you need a singer for your songs/band or simply want to jam and test the waters, I am up for it. I have no problem travelling within the Skåne region, so if you are from Malmö. Landskrona etc it is no problem.

You can find me singing some covers on my instagram: https://www.instagram.com/js_who/
Or just contact me on instagram or my EMAIL: jettestrohschneider@yahoo.de or let's meet up for a practice session.

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