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Trummis letar pop-rock band

Inlagd: 2018-05-29 av Jon Plats: Jönköping/Nässjö
Kategori: Trummis  finnes Genre: Pop
Antal visningar: 210 Telefon:

Hallo ni alla music lovers!

33 year old drummer in Nässjö looking for band mates to start up a pop-rock (maybe a bit more rock oriented) cover band.

Possibility of rehearsal place, fully equiped, in Nässjö.

I just want to play some favourites in the style of Bryan Adams, The Smiths (also Morrissey and Johnny Marr in their solo projects), Colin James, Black Crowes, KT Tunstall...

I think the ideal would be a singer/guitarist, a second guitar, pianio/keyboard and a bass player. I don't mind if you are a woman or a man or if you are 20 or 45.

This is not an ambitious project, but I ask you to be serious, where there could be a bit of effort from us all to rehearse when our schedules allow it. I just want to have a good time playing some music and meeting new people.

If interested, send me an email to:
jon (dot) pdv (at) yahoo (dot) com

PS: I speak Swedish too, but when it comes to writing, English comes easier.

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