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Singer Looking for Serious Project

Inlagd: 2018-04-02 av Verner Viana Gusmao Plats: Stockholm/Älvsjö
Kategori: Sångare  finnes Genre: Metal
Antal visningar: 455 Telefon: +46765948461


I am currently looking for a Band/Musicians to go forward with a serious project -

In the past I have been singing in Cover Bands of Pearl Jam (Which is very close to my voice type, only my vocals are much cleaner and somehow stronger/unique) as well as Audioslave - Apart from singing I am a professional Writer, Said so I can also assume the role of Lyrics Writing.

What I look for is a band or musicians to Run some cover songs at first and soon as we get to know each other start composing our own material and push it to professional level, the exact genre can (and should) be discussed, but what I aim for (inside Rock) is to come up with something new inside an already well established genre -

Another point is: I have contacts inside emerging music/arts platforms and social networks, which can be used to kickstart the project and present it to a wider public (I can't disclose more info here)

I also do not discard make a Duet (preferably with female vocals) but as far as it goes my aim is to be the Frontman/Solo Singer ( I can take small roles in the guitar as well, but again this is to be discussed in private )

For some reason I cannot respond to the Ad here (some bug in the site) So please write me an SMS instead ( or a Whatsapp message) you can see the phone number in the head of this Ad.

(I am 28 years old male - Living in Alsvjo - Orby Slot - Sweden)

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