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Gitarrist söker band/duo

Inlagd: 2018-01-26 av Mehdi Plats: Stockholm/Stockholm
Kategori: Gitarrist  finnes Genre: Folkmusik
Antal visningar: 395 Telefon:

Gitarrist söker band/duo stor bildGitarrist söker band/duo - liten bild

My name is Mehdi, 29 and I am a rhythm guitar player. I play mainly acoustic guitar but also can play electric and Ukulele.

I started playing maybe around 8 years ago. Had a couple of band experiences and did some performances & open mics a few times even here in Stockholm. My most recent band was funk & motown inspired.

I am not classically trained (do not read music), but I have basic musical theory concepts (I hope that's ok). I am comfortable with rhythm guitar and folk fingerpicking style.

I sing a little and I did Choir (Tenor) for quite some years. So I can handle some backup vocals if needed. I have a decent experience with stage from Choir. Did a lot of concerts with large audiences.

I like a lot of types of music: jazz, funk, electro, acoustic-pop and most particularly folk music.

Bottom line is, I love music and I would like to find nice people to share my passion with and perform on stage.

(I can handle a fair amount of Swedish and it’s improving by the day, so no worries in that regard :D )

I can send you some playing & singing samples upon request!


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