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Metal Band Sökes Gitarrist

Inlagd: 2017-09-13 av Goro Fast Plats: Östergötland/Norrköping
Kategori: Gitarrist  sökes Genre: Metal
Antal visningar: 220 Telefon: 0762652725

Metal Band Sökes Gitarrist stor bildMetal Band Sökes Gitarrist - liten bild
Metal Band Sökes Gitarrist - liten bild

Thanks for your interest, giving you further details:

We are Seeking for Bass and Guitar player.

The band is SarcotrofiA (http://bit.ly/2cw04Xx ), has been running since 2006, we already have a great reputation in the metal scene, but never had permanent members, now moved to Sweden and we are looking for members to join the band.

Due to we have a MASSIVE ATTACK TOUR 2018 and we need to act now so that we get ready untill there.

we already have songs, we just need to catch and practice them,and we are open for new ideas.
we also have album recording planned for before the tour, then the tour.

i would appreciate if you could join, or give a try so that we make it roll.

Our practice place is located at Sprängstensgatan 1 / Norrköping. Feel free to pop up for a jam.
just bring your own gear or we can also just get it for you.

just in case you are interested, let me know.

Looking forward to hear from you.


PS:check our old audio Demo in soundcloud: http://bit.ly/2wz5BmM

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