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Bassist for fast metal band

Inlagd: 2017-08-11 av Donna Flanagan Plats: Västra Götaland/Göteborg
Kategori: Basist  sökes Genre: Metal
Antal visningar: 319 Telefon:

Hey YOU, yes YOU!
Do you play guitar or bass? Do you want to play fast metal?
Maybe you haven't picked up the guitar in a couple of years, or maybe you just started learning a few months ago?
We are a drummer (from New Zealand, 25 years old) and a vocalist/guitarist (from Sweden, 22 years old), looking to form a band that gets together at least once a week in our studio in Majorna. We aren't (yet) virtuosos, but we're going to get there, and we'll have a bloody good time along the way!
The drummer has influences from Grunge, Thrash, Death, Melodic Death, Progressive and Doom metal, and our vocalist has influences from Crossover Thrash, Grunge, Alternative Metal and Hardcore Punk.
But the main thing is we want to play faster styles, and we want to play as often as we can.
Sound interesting? Get in touch!
Contact Johan: 0722054525
Contact Donna: 0737855679

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