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Lead guitarist for acoustic rock

Inlagd: 2016-12-18 av Jonas Hedenquist Plats: Stockholm/Stockholm
Kategori: Gitarrist  sökes Genre: Rock
Antal visningar: 741 Telefon: 0733467468

(Language disclaimer: jag talar svenska, men annonsen är på engelska då jag vet att det finns många duktiga gitarrister med utlandsbakgrund i Stockholmsområdet.)

I'm looking for a lead guitarist for my two-person acoustic rock project. The musician I have in mind is not only open but prone to improvisation, eager to perform live, and versed in a broad range of styles and techniques.

The project is in many ways a celebration of the core components of rock - the characteristic voice, and the distinctive lead guitar. The music is an attempt to basically play what a rock band with the same influences would, but in acoustic arrangement and with no concessions for the perceived limitations of the format. This means we do bombastic power vocals, guitar solos, power chords, heavy riffs, long instrumental sections, etc, all the elements usually to some extent left out of acoustic troubadour singer & songwriter/troubadour material.

(There is still room for the slow, the soft and the atmospheric. But it will be a complement rather than the primary focus.)

I will back you up on rhytm guitar where needed, but you will always be at the instrumental forefront. In proper rock tradition, there will be lots of room for leads, solos and improvisation.

Much of the inspiration for this project comes from acoustic sessions from bands that normally play traditional hard rock (such as when Alter Bridge and Shinedown perform acoustic covers of their own material), as well as partially or mostly acoustic acts like John Butler, Chris Whitley, Good Harvest and even Stephen Lynch and Tenacious D.

I have several finished songs (this project has been bouncing around in my mind for years now), and many more unfinished. I'm open to playing select covers as a complement to my own material as well. If it seems apparent that it would improve the quality of our performances, I also have half a mind to bring in a percussionist (preferably on cajón).

I've been singing amateur level rock (as well as singer & songwriter, musicals, folk, blues, hard rock, metal, growl/belting) for 10-plus years now, and bring a fairly big voice to the table. You can find samples of my vocals at:


If this peculiar vision hits the spot for you, get in touch with a short presentation of yourself, as well a some samples of your guitar work. Actually, nevermind the samples if you are confident enough in your ability and willing to jam to prove it :)

// Jonas

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